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Humor is important to humankind, it has the power to transform darkness into light, it has the power to alchemize a miserable life or a sad situation into something meaningful and good. Humor, laughter, joy and bliss is humanity’s natural state. But when humor turn into sarcasm and cynicism it is mostly rooted in something else..
Today, you cannot read anything without wondering if there is a hidden thought behind it or if the author really means what he or she says. It is mostly used as a hook, to trigger a response from others. Be it emotional or mental response doesn’t matter as long as they are on the hook. When something is written or said with sarcasm or cynicism, it never comes from love. It comes from masked or buried pain and the ego, often from the the egos negative or even destructive side.
Yes we wave it off saying, “it’s just comedy”. We say it with a smile, while inside we don’t notice the very subtle pain we cause ourselves and others. We are so numb and insensitive to our body that we miss everything. We miss the body’s own intelligence, we miss it’s knowledge, we totally neglect it’s self-healing potential and we fill it with numbing and toxic food, we fill it with unhealthy emotion and stress, we fill our minds and hearts with daily distractions and useless content. We fill ourselves and each other with war, conflict, hierarchical conformity and unnatural goals.
There is a new world emerging. Some of us can taste it. Some of us have seen the veil thin before our eyes. We know it intimately, we have been there in our dreams and visions. A world where the dark element in all of us is understood and nurtured instead of shunned away. A world where division, nations and borders are part of the old world history. This is a world that has wised up to the elite ruling class and rehabilitated them. This is a world of peace! This is a world of absolute fairness, where technology is truly used to the benefit of all. So we all can explore the great inner and outer mysteries of the universes. It is not a Utopia, it is a choice. A choice to understand that the old ways have taken us this far but not further. We must allow the old system to die. We must allow the old ways of thinking to pass silently into the night. We must teach our children not to be like we have been brought up, we must put ego aside and help them to be better than us.
Humor is important, many of today’s prophets are stand up comedians. They really have a unique position in society where they can look at the world and tell us all the bad things with a laughter. Normally we don’t allow ourselves to hear the bad things, we tell ourselves we are not brave enough to face it. There has been sooo much bad things in history that it is easier to bury it than to face it. But this is a really egoistic thing to do. Everything we bury down doesn’t get erased, it gets handed down as an inheritance to our children. Everything, all negativity we swallow, all the trauma, all the horrible deeds, all karma. Everything we don’t dig up to the surface and process ourselves will be handed down to future generations and the total amount will have been increased. Do you want to leave that behind? The most loving and valuable gift you can leave your children and future generations is a clean slate, A garden without weeds or detrimental insects.
Save the planet and humanity by cleaning up yourself, find the courage and the strength to peer into your own darkness and firmly and lovingly wash it out. You wont have to do it alone, there are many loving people out there that wait for you to call. Save yourself, save the world, save the future.
If you need any intuitive guidance, feminine-masculine balance reading, healing, energy-work or balancing don’t hesitate to contact me.
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