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All men and women have masculine and feminine parts to their soul. It would be very unbalanced for anyone to only concentrate on one side. A man in not solely a masculine being, a woman not solely a feminine being. A soul is neither and both. As humans and society, both men and women have been cut of from their balance and true positive expressions. There is a great big hate between the sexes because we have been led astray and take our identity from our physical body’s temporary sex and not from the soul. Both men and women today, even if we can’t admit it, live mostly from the negative or even destructive side.
We also believed that only men are masculine and only women are feminine. Masculine and feminine are qualities not bound to a gender. In this new time it will not work to only identify ourselves as masculine or as feminine beings, we must be complete, whole, holy beings unto ourselves. No longer can we search for the other half of our heart in someone else. Most of us are looking for that certain special one, the one that will make us complete. We look for a prince or princess, a king or queen. We search endlessly for our true love, our soul mate, not realizing, we will never find it out in the world. We have been so programmed by romantic notions, movies and society to look for love in somebody else. That hole in our heart can only be fulfilled by finding ourselves, our complete and full, balanced expression of our soul self. We have everything we need inside, but we must change our minds so that our hearts and souls can be allowed to change and be complete.
Let me tell you about my experience of feeling and integrating the feminine energies.
Imagine for a moment, that you see, feel and experience lifetimes upon lifetimes from the perspectives of women of all ages. I saw and felt from her perspective what it meant to be a young girl, to be innocent in the world and loving the world and loving her parents. I saw and felt what it feels like to be a teenage girl and feeling all her energy. I saw and felt what it was like to be a young woman and expressing all her creativity and sensuality. I saw and felt what it was to be a mature woman and give birth to new life and feel the unconditional love connection between mother and child. I saw and felt what is like to be an old wise woman who had so much love and wisdom in her heart and mind. I saw and felt the love all through these lines and for each other and the world, all at the same time. I lived through all women of all time.

I saw and knew what it was like to be a woman, through countless perspectives and lifes of women from all time.
The feminine energies flew over me, wave after wave. And I saw my own feminine energy balance up and saw much I had suppressed it through my whole life, I saw how much I had over-compensated my masculinity to live up to society’s view of what it means to be a man, only to live from the unbalanced negative side of the masculine. Now I can see deep into other people and know their balance and imbalance. I understand myself so much better and other people now.

No longer divided, but united and balanced.
The world and society has been patriarchal for a long time, but what must be understood is that blame and shame will not work here to regain a balanced society, by doing that we will only continue the unbalance. Only rehabilitation and education from an objective place of unconditional love will balance ourselves so future generations are taught from the start how to be integrated and holy beings.
If you need any intuitive guidance, feminine-masculine balance reading, healing, energy-work or balancing don’t hesitate to contact me.
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