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At the surface of the collective consciousness today there is this phenomenon of an apparent split, a divide, a bottomless trench. This phenomenon manifests itself in the world and in ourselves and the people. We see it as right versus left, good vs. bad. We see it as opposition to every new idea, we see it as outrage and tearing down of the previous ways. We see it as HEAD vs. HEART. BLUE vs. RED. RIGHT vs. WRONG. LIGHT vs. DA

Polarites attract and fight when they are in the drivers seat.
Some of us take the main part of our IDENTITY from one of these sources, others flip between heart and head depending on the situation. Mostly we are slaves to the outside world and how our reaction will be and from what source we take power from. It is very rare to be 100% Head or Heart. But if you would have to analyze yourself quickly you will find which source you rest in.
There is a reason for why this phenomenon is up at the surface at this point in time, why we are more divided then ever before. Not just divided in how we think or how we feel but also on a global scale, national scale, local scale, community scale, family scale and individual scale. It is up for each of us to heal it individually so the collective can heal. Everything starts with ourselves!

When head and heart are in the back seat, they become helpers and friends.
So how do we do this? How do we heal ourselves and the world?
Step 1, focus on yourself for starters. This might be very hard for heart-driven people to adapt, because the heart is full of empathy and can feel other peoples pain. Step 2, empty your mind. Obviously this is an oxymoron for mind-driven people. For both these steps might feel like death. But don’t worry, it isn’t. Step 3, observe your own thoughts and feelings, and let them be. You hear, see, feel your thoughts and emotions, but you don’t react to them. You leave them be. After a while of practice you will notice a clearer mind and stronger heart. As you notice these phenomenons in your self and learn their patterns, you will start to see these patterns in other people and in the world and you will see how unconsciously we are driven! There is a deeper dimension to anchor in, which is SELF. This dimension is not based on thoughts or feelings but rather on pure AWARENESS. It is the ultimate MINDFULNESS (Mindlessness to be correct) where you are existing and flowing life in the now. You are not affected by any situation and can rise to any occasion and meet it without any fear. You are not restricted to the limited space of a single organism, rather YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE’s focal point, where eternity and the physical world meets.

SELF walking the path, balancing head and heart.
If you need any intuitive guidance, healing, energy-work or balancing don’t hesitate to contact me.
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