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Love, that elusive yet permanent force that most of us are chasing after and once we found it are terrified to loose. What is Love? What can be said about love?
What is love? Some say it is the energy between two persons or the relationship between two points. Others say it is a force, stronger than nature and stronger than time.
Why does love die? Why do we loose our love for others? Why can love turn into hate? How can it be love if it Can turn into hate?
We must define what we mean when we say love. Is it human love? Is it love of an inanimate object or location? Let’s separate two definitions. Human love is the relationship and attachment for people and things while Universal Love is the true Love that we point to when we say LOVE.
As humans we tend to filter everything in our reality to fit into our small lives. We must do this because to try and process everything would be to much for us now, we simply do not have the capacity at this point in our evolution. So we cut out, we resize, we adapt and we discriminate. WE MISTAKE UNIVERSAL LOVE FOR HUMAN LOVE. And we twist the essence of Love and split LOVE into categories and SIDES. Egoistically We call this side that we stand on for LOVE and we call the other side for the HATEFUL side. How wrong and small-minded of us..
LOVE is greater than that. Love is so much BIGGER than that. Love is so GREAT that is can Love ANYTHING. Even “that” or “those people” that you believe are unworthy of love. Even that which you think is DARK and EVIL is filled with Love. LOVE IS THAT GREAT that is Loves EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. Even Satanists worship Love as the highest Power.. LOVE simply does not discriminate. Humans, in their inferior position cannot see that what they mistake for Love actually is Human Lust or passion.
To see beyond Ones own limited feelings and reach a higher neutral position within to be able to receive and express Universal Love is a wonderful step in the direction of a peaceful and united world.
That is THE POWER OF LOVE, To be a Human with a Universal Love. To understand that the human drama and LOVE/HATE Duality is but a small portion of us and that we in our full potential glory are so much more.

We are Love United
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