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The sense of belonging is so strong in the mind/ego psyche of mankind that it will not care what it belongs to as long as it belongs to something, could be the ”best” in the world or the ”worst” in the world. To the strong sense of belonging this distinction does not matter. Ultimately it boils down to the fear of the mind/ego. Mind/ego needs a separate identity from all that is to justify it’s own existence. This separate identity of yours is but a drop in the sea thinking it can do what it will and wants, but it cannot move in another direction than the currents of the sea takes it. This separate identity of yours is temporary and no matter how good or bad your family is, no matter how good or bad your life is, no matter what happens to you in life it will not matter at all in the great vast ocean.
The ocean cares for you, but it cares not for your wills and wants, dislikes and fears.
The only way for the whole world to come together as one is to educate the population and new generations to not become strong ”individuals”, not to reach for their dreams and to stop all unnecessary stimulation and distractions in the world.
Yes, you are right, that would be to completely negate everything that has made humankind what we have thought us to be and have accomplished. To negate what makes us ”great” and beautiful. To negate purposes and missions and truths.
Yes it is painful, even unbelievable or ”preposterous”, but you will measure your own level of intoxication into the belief and knowledge of ”who you are” and ”the history of the world” and ”how things work” by your reaction to this statement.
If your reaction is lightning-fast, absolute and 100% sure that all this is bullshit, congratulations my friend you are 100% trapped in your life and will have to die a natural death so your energy can go back to the ocean and have another go. But if you have a small pause in your reaction-time and might feel a small uneasiness or a glimmer of truth, congratulations my friend you are on the path of awakening, keep on keeping on.
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