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Mon 21 Jan 2019

In many ways, we are all the same. We all belong together and are interconnected. We are more alike than we care to admit.
In many other ways, we are different. We want to be unique and separate. Free to follow our own ideas and desires.

We all are born with perspectives. Perspectives of totality, perspectives of groups, perspectives of desires, perspectives of directions, perspectives of goals and more. We exist in many layers and we show different faces depending on situations and environments.

There is no one way to live, there is no one key to heaven, there is no one book that contains all the truth for everyone, there is no one god that rules over all beings.

Every being is connected to it’s own truth and development. Everything a being sees, says and experiences is meant exclusively for that being alone. The truth for one being is not necessarily the truth for another.

The age old saying, Know Thy Self, is very true. If you are to be a shining light in the world. You must discover the truth of who you are, of WHAT you are, only then are you qualified to go out into the world and help others find themselves. You must find your shadows, your light, your qualities, your strengths, your compassion, your soul and your spirit. If you follow another persons voyage, another persons system or belief or way of life, you will not make much progress on your own individual path. You will not find your unique piece of the puzzle that completes the canvas of creation. You will only try to become a piece that is not you, A copy, and you will waste time and energy on someone elses goals while you are drained and ultimately discarded.

It’s wonderful lo learn, test yourself, discover more about yourself, fail, try again and become wiser and wiser.

Find out, who you are, in Body, Soul and Spirit on all dimensions. Find out your energy, vibration and frequency. Find out who you are as a human being, find out who you are as multidimensional being. Find out who your family on earth and your family in the stars are. Find your own way back to God-Source and discover the Truth, Peace and Passion you always searched for and express it here and now. Discover your own journey, no matter the distance, no matter the time.


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