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We are not perfect, even though we might paint ourselves up that way. We may think we are the kings and queens of this world, the shining beacons of example. We might think that we are at the top of the food-chain. We have darkness inside, there is no use denying it. We can try to hide it, we can try to sweep it under the rug, we can put a smile on our face, swallow the feeling and pretend like everything is all right. People might believe us when we say we are OK, but inside we know we’re not OK. Maybe we even believe our own lies so much that we don’t even know our own state. Until it takes us over.
It may be for a moment, an hour, a day, a week, a month or more, when the blackness takes over and all energy is lost, all the willpower and control. Then it is more important than ever to meet with a loving and compassionate attitude. It will not help to pressure with words of encouragement or say that it is a choice and to snap out of it. It will not help to add fuel to the fire by projecting fears of darkness on top of the situation.
During daytime, it’s sunny outside and the world is alive. During nighttime, it’s pitch black and the world is asleep. The world turns both in light and in darkness. This is the nature of our world. Is it then so weird that humans also will be feeling dark times?
We are so afraid of the dark, that we have judged it to be bad. That dark feelings are something to be ashamed of and rejected. Society has labeled and condemned the darkness as ugly and disgusting. Have you ever been outside and just gazed into black night? Have you ever listened to the dark feelings? Have you ever felt the silence of the empty space? Have you ever seen the roar of the mighty thunder?
The dark is full of beauty, the blackness is full of potential. The sadness is the rich soil from which grace grows.
Embrace the sadness, feel it with all of your heart. Do not resist it. It is here for a reason.
You are not the darkness, you are not the sadness. You are not the anger. These feelings will pass, and every-time you grow a little stronger. After rain comes sunshine.
If you know someone who might be struggling with dark feelings or thoughts, reach out a helping hand. Visit them and have a talk and a cup. It will mean everything thing to them. Not what you say, but that you are there and are listening.
If you need any intuitive guidance, healing, energy-work or balancing don’t hesitate to contact me.
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